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A Time to Reflect

As the year comes to an end, it is only natural to reflect back on the year that has passed and look forward to the possibilities of the upcoming year. For our family at Vine Financial Partners, 2018 was an eventful year. We officially opened our Texas accounting services company in July 2018, and we have been on the rollercoaster ride ever since. This journey has not been an easy one, but it has allowed us to really understand the trials and struggles that most new businesses face. It has provided great insight into the obstacles our clients face on a daily basis.

Exciting updates for what has happened in 2018

We are growing

We are so incredibly grateful for 2 new additions to our Vine family. Both of these ladies bring a lot of experience and an incredible spirit to our group. We are so grateful they have been willing to venture out on this journey with us.

Sarah Roberts is an experienced bookkeeper with an emphasis on efficiency and process improvement. In her free time, Sarah teaches and translates American Sign Language (ASL).

Lisa Capps has had an accomplished career, including many senior controller positions with successful start-ups. She has considerable experience in technology implementation and controlling costs. Lisa is passionate about her rescue dogs and racing motorcycles.

Refining our services

With such a diverse group of talented individuals – each with their own specialized skill sets and capabilities, it can be difficult to keep a narrow focus. After all, are we CPAs, tax accountants, fractional CFOs, forensic accountants, or bookkeepers? What does Vine Financial Partners really do? Let me try to explain.

What does Vine Financial Partners do?

We help growing businesses gain better insight into their financials, with more ongoing support, by providing a complete back-office solution for all your accounting needs. We combine that with higher-level CFO advisory and business consulting. All of this means, we can handle the administrative needs of your company, including general bookkeeping, invoicing, collections, payroll, accounts payable, and any tax filings needed for your industry.

Once we have a clean set of books, we can help with any other needs your business has. This often includes helping with cash flow issues, budgeting, forecasting, tax planning, or processes improvement.

Our goals are that you (1) have accurate data in your financials, (2) that you understand those numbers and what is driving your business, and (3) that you have the continued level of support and expertise to take your business to the next level.

We look at your business holistically. We are not only interested in your bookkeeping, but how all aspects of your company are working together. We also require our clients to meet with us on a regular basis. There, we go through your financials and lay out a plan for the next period. This ensures that you have regular contact with us and that your financials will be delivered on time.

Values – what makes us different.

Our company is founded on two primary values – (1) Family and (2) Always Add-Value.

We started this company because we were looking for a better work-life balance, not only for our own families, but also for our employees AND our clients. We want to create a business that values relationships first and foremost.

We are not simply revenue driven. We feel that even small businesses should have access to good financial data and support. We understand very well how difficult and overwhelming starting and running a business can be. We also know that you can’t do it all. By taking the time to understand your businesses, we feel we can add the most value and be available if and when problems arise.

Looking forward to 2019

We need your help!!

Now, we need your help to spread the word. If you know of anyone needing Texas accounting services or additional support in their financial department, please pass this along. We truly appreciate your referrals. You can follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or leave us a Yelp review, if we have made an impact on you or your business.

Thanks for your continued support and please let us know what we can do to support you.

From our family to yours,

Nathan Owen, Managing Partner and Christel Gustafson, Managing Partner

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