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Thank You

We are in the business of helping our clients achieve success… There are a lot of ways to measure success…. In our line of work, we tend to focus solely on the financial. We look at assets, cash flows, profit margins.

But there are also other measures of success. The metric that I’ve used to measure my own success has always been the strength of my relationships. We may not have the biggest client case or the largest referral network, but when I looked around at all the people that I have met in the past year, I don’t see clients, networking partners, or even friends: I see family.

Now that may sound cliché, but for anyone here who knows me, it’s the truth. When I talk to people, I am very transparent. I put everything out on the table, for better or worse. I am very up-front with sharing my strengths and passions as well as my struggles in both life and business. When my clients share their struggles, I am compassionate, because I’m also growing a business like them.

I like to think that this honest is what gives me a leg-up in business. I always try to be myself. People trust me with their finances and I trust them with who I really am.

My biggest goal in this Travis County business consulting business is also my greatest challenge; growing financially while still treating everyone like family.

So, to all my family, thank you for all your support. I am excited about this next stage and all the amazing things to come.

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