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About Us

Even as we grow, we stay true to the mission.

Like our clients, we all have stories and struggles that define who we are and how we conduct business. The story of Vine Financial Partners — Nathan and Christel — begins with a shared bond over the hardships of life and the determination to create something better.

Through our respective careers, we both encountered an increasing number of people in need of answers. Not only were business owners no longer getting the guidance they needed from their bookkeepers or CPAs, but the strain of the industry was taking a toll on our health and families. We wanted to offer our clients more and we wanted the flexibility to do it our way. While our goals were similar we each brought different sets of expertise to the table. With experience ranging from real estate, construction, oil and gas, and everything from small business to conglomerate international organizations, we began to collectively offer our clients a far greater level of service than they thought possible.

Even as we grow, we stay true to the mission we set out to achieve — to provide the very best services, from incredibly-talented staff, at a reasonable price, in a stable, family-friendly environment.

Texas process improvement
“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”
John 15:5

Our Team

Austin CPA

Nathan Owen, Partner

[email protected] | Phone: 512-572-0045

After finishing his degree in accounting, Nathan started working for a small public accounting firm, working hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs on bookkeeping and tax planning. After starting a family, Nathan moved on to CFO roles for various companies. Before long, Nathan decided to combine the two, and offer CFO-level services and tax planning to the thriving entrepreneur community and to create a flexible work environment for other professionals, like himself. Nathan loves the relational-aspects of being a hands-on adviser and enjoying life with family, friends, and clients alike. Beyond tax planning, Nathan has an extensive background in the construction industry, business development, and marketing.

Round Rock fractional CFO

Christel Gustafson, Partner

[email protected] | Phone: 512-572-0056

Working for some of the largest conglomerates in the world brought tremendous opportunities to Christel. However, these opportunities never afforded balance with her own family and personal health. Christel felt that she would be unable to utilize her expertise to the fullest, and decided to pursue other career options. After a decade in Stockholm, Christel decided to return home to Texas.

Nathan and Christel joined forces in July 2018, offering her incredible corporate skill-set to the small-business community, all while facilitating a balanced work environment. Within these discussions, the idea for Vine Financial Partners was planted. Christel brings a deep-rooted love of business psychology, process improvement and real estate, as well as a passion for the holistic approach to life and business.

Austin bookkeeping

Sarah Roberts, Account Manager

[email protected] | Phone: 512-572-0205 ext 103

Sarah Roberts is an experienced bookkeeper with an emphasis on efficiency and process improvement. In her free time, Sarah teaches and translates American Sign Language (ASL).

Round Rock fractional CFO

Ashley Best, Account Manager

[email protected] | Phone: 512-572-0205 ext 104

Ashley has over 20 years in the accounting field including positions as an auditor, a consultant in the public service field , and an accountant for property managemnet and real estate companies.  

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