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Get back up again!

Vine Financial Partners offers Texas business consulting services.

If you are starting your own business or trying to grow an existing one, then you can relate to this image. The journey might seem long and never ending but I encourage you to just keep going.

Getting knocked down

In business, there is a wide spectrum of things to do every day. The challenge is choosing which activities to target within a limited amount of time. Most get into business because they are good at one specific thing, but the majority of other business functions may be totally new and outside that area of expertise.

Trying to do it all becomes time consuming, stressful, and distracts from the core revenue generating activities. For instance, I got into this business to offer my skills in accounting and process improvement. Suddenly, I am learning branding, marketing, and lead generation, on top of managing client relationships, employees, insurance, and IT systems. Are you dizzy yet?

Navigating this mine field of business functions is a job in-and-of-itself. However, starting a business presents additional, emotional challenges as well. At any given moment, I struggle with uncertainly, insecurity, lack of energy, vulnerability, shame, loneliness, and even depression. Like most, my biggest fear is the fear of failure.

So why do we do it?

There is always a deep-rooted reason why we, as entrepreneurs, are willing to look past these challenges, take a risk, and embark on this journey. Before getting lost in the chaos, we need to make sure to take a moment to stop and remember that big WHY? Do you remember yours? Are you still following that path or vision? If not, what can you do to get back on track?

At Vine, our vision centered around family and adding value to our clients. We wanted to build a company that not only allowed us time with our family, but also to build an incredible new family of employees and clients. We are not driven only by revenue, number of clients, or financial growth, but, instead, on building a company that values family and always delivers value to each and every person that we are in contact with. So far, we have found great success. However, for every success story, we also have a handful of failures – stumbling blocks and detours on our journey that forcibly cause us to have to change direction and get back on the path.

Get back up again

The message that keeps me going is to GET BACK UP AGAIN.

I have been working through this idea, not only in business, but also at home with my kids. Failure sucks, but the only thing that matters is that you get back up, again and again. If you train yourself to shift away from the shameful, disgusting feeling of failure and focus on the opportunities you have, then you can learn and do it better next time. Slowly, the fear of failure loses it grip on us.

If you can truly relate to the boy in the video, being constantly knocked down by an ever-growing list of to-do items, then I encourage you to stay tuned. We are about to launch a series on how outsourcing can help relieve some of the physical and emotional burden in your business and allow you to focus more on your ultimate WHY.

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